Dunlopillo is the world’s premier Latex mattress manufacturer with over 75 years’ experience. All Dunlopillo products come with a 5 year product guarantee for peace of mind against faulty materials.

Dunlopillo’s is one of the world`s best known bedding brands has been built  though the dedicated production of latex beds, mattresses and pillows to exacting standards.

The first Dunlopillo mattresses were made in 1931 and today Dunlopillo latex foam is in high demand for its enduring comfort and support properties along with its luxurious feel. With growing awareness and interest in health, consumers also appreciate latex natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which greatly assist allergy suffers. The natural properties of latex are well suited to deliver personal rejuvenation and revitalisation.

Dunlopillo had already staked its claim on the name Dunlopillo as it was registered in 1926 and it was the first foam ever manufactured. Murphy had been trying for some time to discover a method of creating latex foam but could not achieve the right consistency as the bubbles would not stay. Fortunately his wife suggested a cake mixer which worked to allow the product to be created.

Today, the UK’s love of luxury latex beds and pillows continues to grow along with Dunlopillo’s sophisticated premium range. The Classic range is made from pure pressure-relieving Dunlopillo latex with a choice of comfort options giving an excellent performance.

This is further enhanced by the addition of a layer of Dunlopillo Harmonize latex in selected models to give single zone climate control. It’s a superb choice for a comfortable sleep right through even the coldest of nights as it’s specially developed to store and then slowly release heat within the mattress as your body’s core temperature lowers.

The ultimate is our TempSmart™ by Dunlopillo range. This has all of the benefits of Harmonize latex which is specifically developed to store and then slowly release heat from the pillow or mattress and also our TempSmart™ technology on the surface cover which adapts to the temperature of the individual. This ensures that your sleeping partner has their own dual zone climate control solution.

Whatever the time of year, the result is a consistent and comfortable microclimate next to your skin – and do not forget our Dunlopillo latex naturally breathes through its open cell structure whilst providing the ultimate in comfort and support.

Dunlopillo mattresses and beds are designed to provide instant:

  • Pressure relief and comfort – Dunlopillo beds are designed to engage with the sleeper to reduce the tossing and turning caused by the natural capillary flow being cut off by excess pressure due to inadequate support. Dunlopillo latex gives instant pressure relief, unlike memory foam which takes time to respond to your body heat before it works. Furthermore, Dunlopillo latex then instantly reacts to every movement you make, so whichever position you sleep in you’ll enjoy a healthy night’s sleep for many years to come.
  • Natural Breathability – The breathable nature of Dunlopillo latex is achieved through its open cell construction that ensures that the mattress or pillow keeps a balanced temperature throughout the year. The anti-microbial properties of Dunlopillo latex means that the dust mites, bacteria and fungi that usually find a home in mattresses and pillows keep away. This helps to alleviate allergies and makes it particularly beneficial if you suffer from respiratory problems.
  • Durability – Dunlopillo Latex is durable and has natural ventilation properties that promote longevity. Body moisture is also controlled within the mattress to an extent that won’t alter the integrity of the mattress and ultimately prolong its life.
  • Climate Control –  Whatever the time of year, the open cell structure of the Dunlopillo Latex renders it adaptable to any climate at no expense of comfort and support. The ultimate is the TempSmart™ by Dunlopillo range. This has all of the benefits of Harmonize latex which is specifically developed to store and then slowly release heat from the pillow or mattress and also our TempSmart™ technology on the surface cover which adapts to the temperature of the individual. This ensures that your sleeping partner has their own dual zone climate control solution.

Fabulous choice of divan bases

Dunlopillo latex mattresses are available in Cheshire furniture with a choice of divan bases, so you can be sure of a combination of mattress and base that’s perfect for you.

Sprung edge bases

On the Harmonize and Classic ranges, these bases feature edge-to-edge support from an open coil spring unit.

Pocket sprung bases

Available only on the TempSmart™ range, more than 1,000 individually nested springs give you an extra level of comfort and individual support.

Two rows of heavier springs around the bed perimeter are also included to prevent roll-off.

Sprung slatted timber bases

Across our TempSmart™, Harmonize and Classic ranges, you have the option of an additional comfort layer beneath the mattress, but with more firmness than the pocket sprung bases. You can also adjust the lumbar region slats to fine-tune the level of firmness to suit you.

Electrically Adjustable Slatted Timber

Dunlopillo’s electrically adjustable slatted timber (EAST) divan bases feature five slatted sections that allow you to control individual neck, back and knee bend adjustments. This is the perfect choice if you spend more waking time in bed or if you need extra help to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. Our Diamond, Firmrest and Nouveau mattresses are all available with Dunlopillo EAST bases.

There are many reasons why the flexibility offered by Dunlopillo EAST bases might be of particular benefit to you. If you experience back pain for example, you may benefit from being able to adjust your sleeping position, perhaps by raising your upper body a little. On the other hand, sleeping with your feet raised can often aid circulation to address specific medical problems.

Of course, you may simply want to spend more time in bed to relax while reading or watching TV. Here again, the flexibility of the Dunlopillo EAST bases means that you will easily find the perfect position for hours of comfort.

Ottoman Bases

If the convenience of superior storage without the loss of comfort is a must
then the Dunlopillo Ottoman is a great choice.

The Dunlopillo Ottoman has a large storage area which can be accessed by lifting the end of the bed using the two strong lifting handles. To help lift the mattress, there are pistons within the base, similar to those used on a car boot, which will push the ottoman base open for you.

The Dunlopillo Ottoman is available in widths of  135, 150 and 200cm and is supplied as a Standard Ottoman for Dunlopillo Cocoon Luxury 3 and Deep Cocoon 5 models only or as a Pocket Deluxe Ottoman for selected Dunlopillo mattresses.

Dunlopillo 5 Year Guarantee

Dunlopillo will, within five years of purchase and at our absolute discretion, either repair or replace free of charge any divan base, mattress or pillow which we are satisfied is defective due to faulty materials or poor workmanship.

There is an entire new range of Dunlopillo beds and mattresses to enjoy and all of them have their own special merits and benefits. Divan Bases can be provided as Slatted or Sprung Edge base.  Wide range of fabric choice is also available for bases. We also offer large selection of Dunlopillo Pillows to compartment your bed. To know more about Dunlopillo beds New Collection please visit our store or feel free to call.



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