Gascoigne Designs


Gascoigne Designs offer a truly unique blend of craftsmanship, design and creative flair. Attention to detail, choice materials and dedicated construction methods, combined with an extensive range of exclusive or customers’ own fabrics help create a range of products that not only look and feel good but sell well. Breathtaking….

Gascoigne Designs famous for their elegant, bespoke and beautifully tailored sofas, chairs and upholstery are based in Long Eaton, England, producing large, extremely comfortable well cushioned sofas. Specialising in more traditional roll arm sofas, all Gascoigne Design’s sofas are hand cut and hand finished to an extremely high standard. Exceptional quality at realistic prices characterises Gascoigne Design’s ranges. An exclusive range of internationally sourced fabrics and materials provide a hand made collection of sofas, armchairs and footstools which are luxurious, comfortable and classically styled. Stylish accent chairs with show wood detail combine luxury and modern design.

Three Companies: three unique styles: one vision

The personal desire to showcase some of the world’s finest furniture available and are proud to present the combined galleries that ooze creativity, passion and soul.

Gascoigne Designs famous for their elegant bespoke and beautifully tailored furniture,Legacy for their extravagant, overstated and opulent products, leaving Furnwood Productions to provide a more classic traditionally styled range.

Individually they offer complete contrast throughout their ranges and consist of breathtaking sofas and chairs, elaborate accent tables and occasional chairs and exquisite dining tables.

Gascoigne Designs

Gascoigne Designs now have their products securely established at the upper high end of furniture design after 20 years of creating and producing quality upholstered products.

Founded after a third generation family member within the industry had a passion to produce the best upholstery available. The complex variety within the range is entirely based around its initial steps, consisting of quality, luxury design and passion.

Over the years Gascoigne Designs have designed and manufactured many desirable products that stand in the finest homes not just in the UK. but throughout the world. When choosing Gascoigne Designs you are investing in the passion, luxury and style that are gracefully installed within each unique piece.

Product Range: Balmoral, Captiva, Carolina, Florence, Hampton, Henley, James, Lexington, Manhattan, Savannah, Sorrento, Valencia, Victoria and Vienna


Treat yourself with this truly creative and inspirational range of some of the finest luxurious furniture available. The romantic Aphrodite chaise and love chairs are complimented with the admirable show wood models, elaborate dining tables and accent chairs.

The impact created by a Legacy piece is designed to reflect the owners distinctive and individual creative style and taste. The piece is sure to be the main topic at many dinner parties or formal gatherings.

Product Range: Aphrodite, Bellagio, Bolero, Geneva, Juliette, Medici, Milan, Monza, Opera, Portifino, Raffaello, San Mario

Furnwood Productions

Manufactured in Long Eaton, the centre of excellence for traditional upholstery, Furnwood Productions have for over 60 years produced amazing quality and outstanding designs using skills handed down over many generations.

During this time several members of the Gascoigne family have worked at Furnwood Productions, where the emphasis has been on traditional styling, quality and customer satisfaction. To this day the company has never waived from their first footsteps and continue to provide outstanding designs manufactured from the finest materials available to create wonderful fine furniture built to last for many generations.

Product Range: Empress, Gainsborough, Hemington, Lockington, Melbourne, Swarkstone

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