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Cheshire is proud to be able to deliver the very highest quality luxury Hypnos beds. With some of the best mattresses in the world our  delivery service ensures that our entire range can be delivered to your door.

Hypnos Beds offer Excellent Quality, Value and a Commitment to quality and Design that’s why Hypnos have been voted Bed Manufacturer of the Year for 2011 , Hypnos have been practicing and perfecting the art of making bespoke, made to measure, luxury pocket spring beds for the finest homes and hotels since Edwardian days.
Hypnos has been practicing and perfecting the art of making luxury pocket spring beds by hand since Edwardian days. With over 100 years of bed making experience, Hypnos’s philosophy focuses on the pursuit of perfection; care of the environment – natural and sustainable materials; and the delivery of a deep, energising nights sleep, helping to fulfil dreams for a healthy and enjoyable life.

The master craftsmen continue to use traditional, time-honoured skills that have been passed down from generation to generation to create an authentic piece of Great British Furniture a sublime expression of extraordinary and lasting British craftsmanship.

Indeed Hypnos is renowned internationally as the expert in making handcrafted deep pocket spring beds. Combining traditional skills with constant innovation, and using the finest natural materials, Hypnos has a reputation for making the most comfortable beds in the world.

Royal Seal of Approval

Hypnos is the only bed manufacturer to actively supply the British Royal Family and the Royal Household. A Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II provides Hypnos with a ‘mark’ of excellence and reinforces Hypnos’s reputation for the very best of British quality. Indeed, Hypnos does not just make beds for the home, Hypnos beds can also be found around the world in the finest palaces, estates and hotels.

                                                  Hypnos Vision and Values

Hypnos Environment 

A commitment to sustainability and the enviorement

Hypnos is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and to using environmentally friendly, sustainable materials of the highest quality. In fact Hypnos are the first British bed manufactuer to achieve Carbon Neutral status.

The Campaign for Wool

Hypnos is supporting the Campaign for Wool. In fact as the only active bed supplier to the British Royal Family, Hypnos continues to support the Royal’s across a range of projects, and immediately responded to HRH The Prince of Wales and The Campaign for Wool, by including British wool in every mattress within the Heritage Collection, thereby directly supporting British sheep farmers, and promoting the natural benefits of wool.

The Campaign for Wool is a cross-industry initiative convened by HRH The Prince of Wales in January 2010. As a serious environmentalist, the Prince believes the natural, sustainable origin and highly technical structure of wool can offer fashion, interiors and the built environment many superior benefits. Choosing real wool – as the Prince understands – will also help to care for the planet.

Hypnos Beds 

Each handmade collection has been inspirationally designed, with each mattress containing a unique configuration of soft and breathable fillings and pocket spring systems with a choice of active turns, to form a range of comfort levels. Choose from the Regency Collection, their most luxurious bed range, the exciting Heritage Collection, their sumptuous Pillow Top Collection or their Orthos Support Collection, specifically designed to provide a firmer, supportive feel. Hypnos also provide a variety of Space Saving Beds, including hidden drawer systems and their Hideaway Divan Collection. Hypnos also have a dedicated Bedstead Mattress Collection to suit all bedsteads and bed frames. Their Made to Measure Serviceenables all beds to be customised to suit your size preferences, and their Zip and LinkService provides extra flexibility to split a large bed into twins or choose mattresses with different tensions.

All their mattresses are double-sided except for the Pillow Top Collection which is a single-sided ‘No Turn’ collection.

Hypnos Fabric Service provides a wide choice of colours and textures – choose the same fabric for divans and headboard for a truly stunning look.

                         The Hypnos Regency Collection

The Regency Collection embraces comfort, design, style, and practical considerations, so allowing beds to be tailored to the individual, space and interior decor. It features the latest, multi-layered, pocket spring sleep system with sumptuous layers of soft natural fillings. For example, the Sandringham 5’ (150cm) divan (box-spring) set contains over 4,900 pocket springs, providing the ultimate in comfortable, supported and rejuvenating sleep.

The Regency Collection is upholstered by master craftsmen using the finest, silky Belgium Damask tick, and hand tailored with the finest hand-made wool tufts and traditional hand side-stitching for the ultimate finish and quality, supported by a 10 year warranty. The finishing touches provide added luxury, enabling the creation of a truly personal and striking contemporary design-statement for the bedroom. There is an eclectic mix of stunning headboard designs and finishes to suit any room. Headboards and divans can be upholstered in a range of matching, modern colours and textures. Choose from beautiful, three-dimensional narrow cord, jacquard woven fabric and stylish tactical faux suede. Divans (box-springs) are also available in the same Damask to match the mattress. The deep divans (box-springs) include soft-closing drawers, made of solid wood, with dovetailed joints as standard. For the more design-conscious, a divan skirt with box-pleated corners is the perfect detail.

                                                                                     The Hypnos Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection is a range of stunning hand crafted beds with deep pocket spring mattresses blending support with the ultimate in luxurious mattress comfort. Combining expertise with the best of modern technology, the collection uses the latest in pocket spring technology. Surrounded by sumptuous layers of natural upholstery, this innovative pocket spring system will give you the optimum combination of individual comfort and total body support for a wonderful night’s sleep.

                         The Hypnos Orthos Support Collection

The Orthos Support Collection comprises beautifully handcrafted beds, which balance firm support with maximum comfort. The range considers every aspect of the sleeping experience and uses the latest ReActive pocket spring technology to balance firmer support with maximum comfort. The Orthos Support Collection comes in a choice four mattresses – Latex, Cashmere, Silk or Wool – to provide a level of comfort and support to meet everyone’s personal preference. The mattress is matched with a deep padded, non-sprung divan, to provide an extra supportive firmer feel.

                                                  Hideway Divan Storage

The new Hideaway divans offer significant increases in storage capacity compared with traditional drawer divans. All storage areas are concealed behind beautifully upholstered deep valances, which cover the full height of the divan base. These practical and flexible pleated valances provide an exquisite tailored finish and attractive  detailing, whilst ensuring easy access to stored items. The Hideaway divans offer a unique choice of hidden storage consisting of either a deep large open cavity, hidden by a large fabric valance, or two drawers also hidden by a large fabric valance. All Hideaway divans are non-spring platform top divans that rest on castors for ease of movement.

                         The Hypnos Bedstead Mattress Collection

The Bedstead Mattress Collection features two ranges of beautifully handcrafted mattresses which will compliment most styles of bedsteads and deliver vital comfort and support. The collection features the innovative ReActive pocket spring sleep support system to ensure that each mattress will work in harmony with your bedstead. This stylish range of mattresses in a contemporary check or a more traditional striped ticking, can be used with proprietary bedsteads and bedframes, providing that the gap between slats is no greater than three inches.

                                  Space saver Beds

Spacesaver Beds are the ideal answer when space is at a premium: two beds that can be stored as one. From the fully upholstered twin guest bed with zipped mattresses and different size options, to the solid timber Goodwood and the painted finish of the Sherwood, Hypnos pride themselves with bringing you just what you need to compliment your spare room or create that little bit of extra space in a room that usually sleeps one.

                          Headboard Collection

A beautifully upholstered headboard provides a bold ‘silhouetted’ statement to frame your bed, creating a stunning focal point and finishing touch to both the bed and the bedroom. Choose from the elegant Euro headboard, which is upholstered all the way to the floor, available in the same width as the divan (Euro-Slim) or slightly wider than the divan (Euro-Wide). Alternatively choose a traditional ‘strutted’ headboard Every design detail of the Hypnos Headboard Collection has been carefully considered, providing the essential choice of sumptuously upholstered headboards in a range of classic and contemporary styles, from deep buttoned and hand pleated headboards to curved and elegantly shaped headboards.

                                                                                                               Pillow Top Collection

Pillow top is a beautiful No Turn hand crafted mattresses contain an integral ‘pillow top’ sleeping surface that provides a luxurious soft and comfortable layer or ’cushion’ above the supportive pocket spring mattress. The extra Pillow Top layer ensures that you sink into the soft sleeping surface, which gently wraps around you and your partner. This softer, cocooning comfort provides a unique point of difference, and a deep, relaxing sleeping sensation that truly sets the Pillow Top Collection apart.

10 Year Guarantee 

A 10 year guarantee reinforces this unsurpassed craftsmanship, and illustrates their confidence in the quality and durability of their materials and craftsmen.


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